Tsimayo distributes authentic "Chimayo" Chile grown from landrace seeds on hand-tilled farms that lie in the shadow of the famed Santuario de Chimayo, in Chimayo, New Mexico, USA.
Chimayo chiles’ unique piquant flavor is borne of the distinct microenvironment in which they grow. The micronutrient-rich soil of Chimayo is irrigated by the pure snow melt cascading off the La Pulvareda mountain, and each organically-grown plant is fed by the high-altitude sunlight and clean air infused with the spirit of generations of heirloom farmers. Nowhere else in the world can you find Chimayo chiles.
All Chimayo chiles provided by Tsimayo are certified 100% pure, with no mix or blends of other chiles to dampen the flavor profile or overwhelm with heat.

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